If you are planning on hanging your sign outdoors, we offer two levels of protection from the elements. You can add either of these to your order for a small upcharge.

We've added these options to signs that we feel customers would want to display outdoors. If you are considering a sign and do not see weather protection options, please contact us and we will add them to the listing right away. 

The two levels of protection are:

Weather Seal ($1)
For displaying in covered areas like a porch or patio where the sign may get some outdoor moisture and humidity but no rain or snow will directly fall on it. Weather Seal is a sealant that we spray on the entire surface of the piece. It does not change the finish of the piece and is not noticable to the eye. A small green seal will be placed on the back of the sign indicating that it has this treatment applied. 

Coastal Core (Small $3, Medium $5, Large $7,  Supersize $9)
Perfect for the harshest conditions, rain, snow etc., for displaying totally outdoors in the elements. Perfect for fences, store fronts and barns. Also protects from sun light.

Coastal Core protection starts from the inside, we cut your sign from a special outdoor plywood first. Next, we paint the back of your sign in black latex paint. Then we finish with our spray sealent on all sides of the piece, totally protecting it from moisture.