In the South, BBQ Pork is king. This is a sign that might have been hanging out front of a BBQ establishment from Dallas to Richmond. The sign is in the shape of a grazing pink piggy. On his back, the words PIT COOKED BAR-B-QUE are lettered on him. He has a very rustic, worn, distressed finish.

Length: 27 inches Height: 15 inches

This would make a great sign for your kitchen, back porch, patio or back yard grill area. This would also make a great gift item for the chef or BBQ pit master in your life.

Features a key-hole in the back, ready for hanging. Also available without the BBQ lettering, $68, just contact me.

Outdoor options: Slippin' Southern works outdoors, too! We have NEW options for you: Fog, rain, sleet, sun and snow, Slippin' Southern signs can weather any kind of storm with our TWO levels of protection!

Weather Seal: A protective matte coating can be applied to the entire sign protecting it from moisture, rain, and sun, recommended for mild climates, patios, porches, and other covered areas outside with an over hang. This will give your signs extra protection from sun & moisture. Will feature a small sticker, on the back of each sign, indicating it is OK for outdoor semi protected areas. ($1)

Coastal Core: Protection from the inside out starts with a special outdoor wood core and is finished for extra harsh conditions. It offers the most moisture protection, from not only sun and rain, but snow as well. We recommend this for outdoor applications: patios, garden, decks, out buildings and pool areas. ($5)

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