Show the love for your favorite U.S. State with this "I Heart My State" Louisiana Map.

36" H x 32" W x .5" D

This generous sized map of Louisiana is finished in our Oyster White and features a 100+ year old reclaimed wooden heart from New Orleans right in its center. Perfect for the LA family!

This listing shows the Louisiana State Map, but you can order any U.S. State when you purchase this listing. Just use the pull down menu to select your state. Your map's size will be determined by the widest point of your state. For example, Illinois is a vertical state, so it would be 38" high, while Virginia is a horizontal state, so it will be 38" wide.

Colors Shown: Map is Oyster White, Heart is unfinished reclaimed wood

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Weight: 7.00 LBS
Width: 40.00 (in)
Height: 36.00 (in)
Depth: 2.00 (in)
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