Welcome to the Shop!

Hey Y'all! If you've just found this web site on your own or recently received an email to come take a look, Welcome! You've just discovered, our brand new web site SlippinSouthernShop.com.

We've created this site to combine everything from our Etsy shop with everything on our wholesale site ShopTrumanPony.com, into one complete web site.

Many of you may know, Slippin' Southern opened our shop on Etsy.com in January of 2011 and we have grown by leaps and bounds every since, thanks to our great customers. Now we have decided to create a stand alone site where both worlds can live together in one independant web site.

We will remain on Etsy.com but the wholesale web site, ShopTrumanPony.com will go away in the months to come as we complete our migration to SlippinSouthernShop.com.

If you had a wholesale account on ShopTrumanPony.com, it has been transferred to this site, SlippinSouthernShop.com. You will need to change your password to access your account.

How is SlippinSouthernShop.com different? For the most part, it's the same. We will offer the same products, at the same prices as you've seen on Etsy and ShopTrumanPony:

We will always introduce new items here like:

US Flag Map $129Bird Coat Hook $117English Bully $39

And we will always have all of our old best selling items too like:

Swimming Mermaid $89Bicycle $89Moon Face $79

Some of the NICE differences are:

- Retail customers won't need to sign up for an account to place an order like on Etsy.com. You can simply shop and purchase as a guest.

- Wholesale customers can open an account right here and do not need to go to our other site, ShopTrumanPony.com. Prices are changed to wholesale rates for them.

- Our Outdoor Protection upgrades (Weather Seal and Coastal Core) are now options that you can select like a color for your wall art. The price will automatically change to reflect your selection.

- We will also be adding a custom sign section where you can see custom orders that we have made for other customers and you will be able to place a Custom Sign order too.

There's more to come, so stay tuned right here to "The SlippinSouthernShop.com".


Gregory Morris

Slippin' Southern