Hey Y'all on Bravo

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Slippin' Southern's Supersized Hey Y'all wall art was used as the dominate graphic on the set of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" this past week during the 20th Annual South by Southwest (SWSW) Interactive Festival in Austin Texas.


We were tipped off about the sign by one of our great customers who emailed us, asking if it was our sign on the set. With a few Google searches, we were delighted to find several photographs of the set with Paloma Faith and the House Band, The Mowgli's, performing every evening in front of our Large 36" high word sign. While we are still not exactly sure how it got there, and who actually purchased it from us, we are delighted that it was displayed proudly from March 9th thru 13th, 2014 at 10/11pm CST on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live: Austin Special".

Here's a link to an online video where the Austin studio audience asked host and show producer, Andy Cohen questions about his experiences while taping in Austin, Texas. You'll see the "Hey Y'all" sign on the far right side of the stage when the camera pulls out:

Slippin' Southern's "Hey Y'all" sign has come a long way from it's roots in North Carolina. It was the first sign we ever made, and it launched our business. It was first posted in our Slippin' Southern Etsy.com shop back in January of 2011. It has been the inspiration for hundreds of other custom word signs from our customers. Since creating the "Hey Y'all" sign, we've made several other successful Southern word signs like "Howdy", "Bless Your Heart", "Shug", "Darlin" and many more. 


We've often been asked, "hey, what typeface do you use to make the Hey Y'all sign?" Our answer has always been, "Sorry, that's a trade secret." But, I will tell you it was designed by a brilliant type designer who I admire very much. And, typographers in the know can certainly figure out the font with a little research ...

There's probably no other phrase I can think of greater than "Hey Y'all" that captures the true spirit of the South. No matter how much education you have, if you are from the South, if you find yourself with your best friends or co-workers, the first two words out of your mouth will be "Hey Y'all!" That's probably why Bravo's brilliant set designers chose Slippin' Southern's Super Sized "Hey Y'all" sign to adorn their stage.

We have reached out to Bravo's set designers but as of yet, have heard nothing. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will check in with us and let us know how easy that sign was to hang.
Our "Hey Y'all" sign has a distressed finish and is usually ordered in "Barnwood Red". It's available in three sizes, small, medium and large. If you'd like to order one, just mention this Blog posting and you'll receive 10% off of your order, too!

If you'd like to order one of our Hey Y'all signs, you can purchase them right here at SlippinSouthernshop.com.

Hey Y'all Small 7" High Letters ($53 + shipping)

Hey Y'all Medium, 13.5" High Letters ($235 + shipping)

Hey Y'all Supersized, 26" High Letters ($343 + shipping)

Thanks Andy for using our Hey Y'all on your set. Just let us know if you need anything else.
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?