Haven America exhibits Kitchen Art at One of A Kind Show

MERCHANDISE MART CHICAGO —The show is over now but in case you missed it, here is a recap of our exhibit space at the One of a Kind Spring Show which ran from April 27-29.

This Spring, Haven America's theme was Food & Kitchen and featured over 50 new handcrafted items including cutting and serving boards, kitchen and cooking wall art and a new industrial table. We designed the booth with your home in mind. We painted the booth a deep blue and gray to model the outside evening as a diner party would sit on the patio at dusk enjoying the evening air as they eat. We truly are foodies at heart and we want your kitchen to look as colorful and lush as the food be created in it is.

We even take lighting into account. Have you ever been to a restaurant and you feel like you are eating under a bright spot light? We don't enjoy that either. So we strung up the old fashion bulb lights that brought that warmth and glow to the art work. It creates a cozy space to bounce light, but bring a sense of intimacy that you try for at a garden party. 

We are slowly putting up these new items in our Etsy Shop and here at HavenAmerica.com.

Also, on a side note, when you stand at a trade show for several days, you meet new and interesting vendors. This show was no exception. Check out these exhibitors (who are now practically family). 

To our left was Trace Mayer who makes what he calls Museum Bees. A collection of miniature wall art pieces comprised of remenats from antique picture frames. Each is crowned with a tiny item, usually a Bee, but it is also sprinkled with other surprising animals like foxes, hounds and deer.

To our right was String A Strand on Wells. A local shop, right here in Chicago that offers the experience of stringing your own neckless creation with their collection of thousands of beads, trinkets and treasures. What we learned from watching both of of our booth neighbors do their thing is that customers at a show love to engage in "the hunt" for finding the perfect combination of their product to make their own personal creations. Something that we may want to try at a future show?

Sring A Strand on Wells actually purchased a Custom Sign from us for the front of their Wells Street Store based on our BOURBON WHISKEY sign, which I'll try to get up shortly. We often times receive requests from customers to make a sign based on one that we already make.

Across the isle we met Regina who was selling art made by Chicago high school Teens in her booth called After School Matters. A local charity that offers high school teens the opportunity to make art and sell it through local channels like corporate sponsors.

Anyway, back to our new items... We offered 50 new pieces at the show. 

Here is a recap of the top 7

#1 Butcher Deer $129

Part of our series of "Butcher Cut" animals, these cut out butcher-cut shapes are great decor for the kitchen or dining area. The Rustic wood background is made from actual salvaged timber that is over 100 years old. The Deer is shown in Cast Iron Black with Oyster White lettering. This item is also available as a Cow, Pig and Hen.

#2 A Man Walks into a Bar $87

This was probably the most talked about piece at the show—everyone giggled and tried to finish the sentence. This is a great conversation piece for your bar! The wording "A MAN WALKS INTO A BAR..." is engraved into pine wood. It is shown in Cast Iron Black lettering and frame with a Oyster White background.

#3 Bon Appétit Framed Wall Art $138

38" W x 12" H x 1" D — I remember the customers mimicking Julia Child's famous "Bon Appétit" catch phrase as they passed by. This engraved/hand painted sign is derived from a French kitchen towel design and uses classic red and white colors. It's is finished with a blonde pine frame. It's the perfect sign for your French bistro! 

#4 Coffee+Tea Cyber Cafe Sign $139

This Coffee + Tea Cyber Cafe Sign is perfect for your breakfast nook. Inspired by vintage New York subway tiles, it reminds you of how much you love your first cup of coffee in the morning. Finished in Cast Iron Black and Oyster White.

#5 Kitchen Mixer

Coming on line soon, this piece from a new Kitchen line that we have designed originally was designed to have lighting installed in the back so it is lit. It is not sold with the lighting at this time but is still very cute and sold well at the show. It is finished with a buttery yellow background color and framed in vintage blond pine wood. The opaque white plexiglas is attached to the back of the board.

#6 Black Walnut Triangle Cutting Board $117

Part of a stunning new Black Walnut serving boards featuring a custom ceramic condiment and garnish bowl, perfect for cheeses and charcuterie. At the show people loved how gift-able it was. Its crafted to fit in with any kitchen decor and add that "wow" factor to your presentation. 

#7 Oval Maple Cutting Board $127

This new line of Maple Cutting Boards features a dozen designs that are inspired by antique French bread boards from the turn of the century. All are about 3/4" thick and vary is size. No listings for this item are up yet, email us for more details. 

Special pricing is available for buyers who are purchasing large commercial or wholesale orders for the cutting and serving boards. Just email us and tell us what you are looking for at office@havenamerica.com 

To see more, visit us on line at either HavenAmerica.com or etsy.com/shop/HavenAmerica.