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CHICAGO--Today, Slippin' Southern is changing its name to Haven America.
As many of you know, my wife and partner, Susan and I started Slippin' Southern on Etsy.com back in 2011 with a simple idea, to create Southern inspired word signs that were handcrafted and were made to order. Since then, our little 5-Star rated shop on Etsy has enjoyed over 14,000+ sales and the orders keep coming!

Over these past six years we have evolved our brand from a one man, sign shop to a small business wall decor company and are continually growing to become an on-line life-style decor destination for thousands of on-line shoppers. Our major categories are Beach & Coastal, Nursery & Kids, General Home Decor along with our Southern Words & Letter signs. In addition to our made-to-order item, we are continually receiving Custom Orders for commercial projects that include restaurants, retail stores, hotels, medical offices and vacation properties. Our products have also been carried by West Elm, Home Goods, Von Maur and Nordstoms.

Wooden Sail Boat

This happened in part due to customer demand for new items and us pushing ourselves to create many new pieces that were bigger, better and go beyond the small Southern signs that we started with and we feel like now is the time to make the name change.

Why now?
The name change is coming at a unique time as well. We are changing it on the very same day (April 5, 2016) that Etsy.com is rolling out it's new look on their web site too. We thought that it made sense to do it now rather than wait and confuse everyone again later in the year with a name change.

Why Haven America for a name?
We feel that we have outgrown the kitchy Southern name of Slippin' Southern and want a name with a broader appeal, something that speaks to all of the items we make and not just the original Southern ones. Our shop is not just Southern themed anymore and we primarily make items for the home. We feel that your home is your "haven". Our items are designed and made in America so it just feel right to us to add America to the title to point out our unique American point of view.

And, as many of you have guessed by now, it's not just me on a front porch making these items one at a time any more. In fact, much of the inspiration has come from my wife and partner, Susan Havens-Morris. Many of you may remember her first shop on Etsy called Middleburg Folk Art Studio which she closed in 2011 to co-create and manage the operations of Slippin' Southern LLC.

Besides the name, what else has changed?
Nothing really. We are still the same company that many of you have purchased from over the years with great personal service and attention to detail that is the signature of who we are.

Equine Horse Study

All of our items are made in America, hand-crafted one at time. We will still offer all of our signature Slippin' Southern pieces like Hey Y'alls, Flying Pigs and Pick-Up Trucks and more.

Oh, there is one big change...
We have moved our studio and shop back to Chicago, Illinois. The main reason being, we needed to relocate our studio to an area where there is a much larger talent pool of creative people like photographers, marketing professionals and production assistants to help us manufacture our products.

Chicago by the way, is where Susan and I first met too, at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1983. We worked for years together in advertising and started our family here as well, so it's like second nature to us.

As of today, you will see the name change in our Etsy shop, our official web site, SlippinSouthernshop.com as well as our listings on OneKingsLane.com.

Rustic Butcher Cow

I have to admit, I'm a little scared about the change, but hey, you supposed to do something everyday that scares you, right?

You can purchase Haven-America products on Etsy.com, HavenAmerica.com, OneKingsLand.com, and from the slew of small boutique shops all over the United States that carried Slippin' Southern's products in the past. Just send us an email at HavenAmercia@gmail.com to find the nearest shop that carries our products.

Written by:

Gregory Morris
Haven America