Dog Days of Summer

AUGUST IN NOLA—Does anyone remember that one Florence and the Machine song “The Dog Days Are Over”? I think I sing it in my head a least once a day at work while I’m in the paint shop. Everyday at Slippin' Southern is a dog day of summer, they are never really over here. No really, everyday we make at least one of the many different dog breeds for our customer's homes. One day a week we devote making only dog breeds for our clients among other orders. I think at least one fifth of slipping southern’s business is made up of orders of signs for man’ best friend.

The three most popular ordered dogs are the English Bulldog (bullie for short as it is referred to in the shop), The Dachshund leash hook, and the Labrador leash hook. I have seen these dogs in every single color in our pallet, (Front Porch Blue and Distressed Silver are my personal favorites to paint). In one single day alone, we made 9 bulldogs, 5 Dachshund hooks and 7 Lab dogs. Most of which went to great customers for their homes, and offices, but it’s still a pretty impressive quantity for one day. However, those are not the only dogs we make.

As I said earlier, we have made a huge variety of dogs. Every breed from a foot long tiny Chihuahua, to a life size 4 foot wide Irish Wolfhound. Most of the time people order them in a solid color like Barnwood Red or Front Porch blue. Once a veterinary clinic ordered 9 different Barnwood Red dogs. They were all made in correct proportional sizes to each other. The clinic then hung the dogs around their waiting room for guests to see.

Several times though, people have emailed in photos of their dogs so we can personalize the sign by add their dog’s specific spots or color variances in fur. Sometimes it’s to commemorate a past dog that they adored or to simply cherish one they have now. The Slippin' Southern Krewe even made me a specialized black pug sign with a little pink tongue sticking out to remind me of my baby when I go off to college this week!

As the paint department paints all the different breeds during day I can’t help but think of my adorable Pug and Chug at home waiting to see me at the end of the day. My black Pug’s name is Gigi and my Chug’s (a chug is a chihuahua and pug mix) name is Zaza. When they come to the shop, they sleep in their fluffy, pink and grey bed under my main painting table (ALWAYS having to be at my feet). Or on other day they even volunteer to help out with online customer service questions. At the end of the week we give them their pay check in Dent-a-stick chews for all their hard work.

Some of our most favorite pieces to come out of the shop have been the dogs breeds. It reminds us of our dogs at home and how happy our customers are when they receive a dog specially made just for them. Everyone love reading the reviews coming from people getting their dog sign and then taking pictures of the sign next to their real dog.